Watt Carmichael Inc. is a full-service investment management firm offering a full range of investments, including; T-Bills and GIC's, common and preferred shares, trust units, corporate and government bonds, foreign securities, exchange-traded funds, options, mutual funds, segregated funds, and insurance solutions. Our focus is integrity, service, and performance.

Watt Carmichael Inc. firmly believes in personalized service. We view investment management differently. While many of our competitors have attempted to commoditize investment management, our proven success is centered on personalized investment solutions for the individuals, families, businesses and charitable organizations we serve. Our clients prefer and appreciate the personal attention, independent advice, and integrity our reputation is built upon.

Respecting that our clients' time is valuable; we make the wealth management process as seamless as possible. We work closely with our clients' tax specialists, lawyers, accountants, and other professionals to ensure that their wealth is managed efficiently and effectively.

We know that each client has individual financial circumstances that need to be addressed. Whether their objective is generating a stream of income from their investments, long-term capital appreciation, or simply protecting their hard-earned nest-egg, we will prepare an investment strategy that best suits their needs.

Our independence provides us with a distinct advantage. Many investment advisors are employed by firms who provide incentives for their advisors to place their clients' money into their firm's own investments. At Watt Carmichael Inc. there are no special incentives to encourage our advisors to recommend any particular investment, avoiding this conflict. If we recommend an investment our clients can rest assured we are doing so because we feel it is the best choice for their portfolio.

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