Watt Carmichael is first and foremost a manager of private wealth. It is the foundation of our business and the service that has the most influence on the decisions we make as a company. Our principles, products and services reflect this truth. Because we believe our clients' success is our success, we do more than offer excellent service. We enter into a partnership with our clients, acting as a steward of their capital, and guiding them on the long-term path towards their financial goals. We offer customized reporting and documentation and we will communicate directly with attorneys, accountants and other financial professionals to provide a seamless circle of service with as much or as little involvement as our clients choose.


Managed Portfolios

The core of our business is personalized managed portfolios. With the increasing complexity of financial markets and with our client's time at a premium, we have found the demand for our managed portfolio services steadily increasing. We build customized portfolios based on a client's investment goals, objectives, and risk profile. Accounts are tailored to provide a mix of growth and income, while maintaining a focus on capital preservation. We monitor the portfolios on a daily basis and act upon changes as required, to manage risk and to take advantage of market opportunities when they become available.

Investment Advice

We also offer self-directed investment accounts for those clients who choose to be more directly involved in the investment process. For these accounts we guide the client through the investment process, offering detailed investment advice based on the client's profile. We then implement the investment plan on behalf of the client and monitor and advise on any changes we think should be considered.

Financial Planning

When you obtain Financial Planning, you gain a meaningful difference in your life. By having a certified financial planner at the helm of your finances, the integration between your needs, priorities, and goals becomes simplified, manageable, and achievable. We love it when our clients succeed. We are committed to helping them attain this success by providing financial planning services for our valued clients. Through our Financial Planning division, we offer our clients ongoing financial planning services with Certified Financial Planners at no additional cost.

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General Tax and Estate Planning

As wealth managers, tax and estate planning is a continuation of our focus on building and preserving your capital. While building wealth is the first step in the process of reaching your goals – maintaining it and having an active role in how it is ultimately allocated is just as important. These factors are considered throughout our wealth management process.