Managing Investments for Private Clients

Watt Carmichael Inc. is a full-service investment management firm offering a full range of investments, including; T-Bills and GIC's, common and preferred shares, trust units, corporate and government bonds, foreign securities, exchange-traded funds, options, mutual funds and segregated funds. Our focus is integrity, service, and performance.


01. Personalized Attention

We firmly believe in personalized service. We view investment management differently. While many of our competitors have attempted to commoditize investment management, our proven success is centered on personalized investment solutions for the individuals, families, businesses and charitable organizations we serve.

02. Customized Solutions

We know that each client has individual financial circumstances that need to be addressed. Whether their objective is generating a stream of income from their investments, long-term capital appreciation, or simply protecting their hard-earned nest-egg, we will prepare an investment strategy that best suits their needs.

03. Independence

Many investment advisors are employed by firms who provide incentives for their advisors to place their clients' money into their firm's own investments. At Watt Carmichael Inc. there are no special incentives to encourage our advisors to recommend any particular investment, avoiding this conflict.

Our Services


Managed Portfolios

The core of our business is personalized managed portfolios. With the increasing complexity of financial markets and with our client's time at a premium, we have found the demand for our managed portfolio services steadily increasing. We build customized portfolios based on a client's investment goals, objectives, and risk profile. Accounts are tailored to provide a mix of growth and income, while maintaining a focus on capital preservation. We monitor the portfolios on a daily basis and act upon changes as required, to manage risk and to take advantage of market opportunities when they become available.


Investment Advice

We also offer self-directed investment accounts for those clients who choose to be more directly involved in the investment process. For these accounts we guide the client through the investment process, offering detailed investment advice based on the client's profile. We then implement the investment plan on behalf of the client and monitor and advise on any changes we think should be considered.


Financial Planning

When you obtain Financial Planning, you gain a meaningful difference in your life. By having a certified financial planner at the helm of your finances, the integration between your needs, priorities, and goals becomes simplified, manageable, and achievable. We love it when our clients succeed. We are committed to helping them attain this success by providing financial planning services for our valued clients. Through our Financial Planning division, we offer our clients ongoing financial planning services with Certified Financial Planners at no additional cost.

Our Team

Harry J. Carmichael | Chairman & CEO | Watt Carmichael Inc
Chairman & CEO

Over the past forty years we have built our business on three core beliefs; trust, personalized service, and meeting the...

President & Portfolio Manager

Roger has provided Canadian investors and their families with investment advice since 1977. He has held a variety of...

Vice President & Portfolio Manager

Stafford W. Higgins has been advising Canadian investors for over 30 years. Mr. Higgins joined the Watt Carmichael team...

Cindy Philips Photo

Cindy joined Watt Carmichael Inc. in 2015 as Chief Financial Officer and has over twenty years of specializing in...

COO & Portfolio Manager

Mark started his investment career at a bank owned brokerage firm in 1998, moving to Watt Carmichael in February 1999...

Harry Carmichael Jr. | Portfolio Manager | Watt Carmichael Inc
Portfolio Manager

Harry Jr. began his investment career at a bank owned brokerage in 1997 before joining Watt Carmichael in 2004. He...

Portfolio Manager

As a Portfolio Manager working with individuals and families, my goal is to provide my clients with optimal investment...

Portfolio Manager

Chris started in the investment industry in April 2000 at a bank owned brokerage firm, joining Watt Carmichael in July...

Susan Mallin
Financial Planner and Associate Portfolio Manager

Susan Mallin is our firm's financial planner, providing clients with dynamic and interactive plans designed to keep pace...

Andrea Workman | Senior Portfolio Manager | Watt Carmichael Inc
Senior Portfolio Manager

Andrea is a graduate of the Paris (France) Institut d’Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po). 1972 marked her career debut in...

Investment Advisor

Disciplined, Proactive Investing

For over 50 years, I have been studying market cycles and following a unique...

Wealth Advisor

Daniel Merriam embraces a deep discovery process that leads to a comprehensive planning based approach - covering all...

Chief Compliance Officer

Adam joined Watt Carmichael Inc. in 2018 as Chief Compliance Officer and has over twenty years of experience in...

Jamie Case | Financial Administrator | Watt Carmichael Inc
Financial Administrator

Jamie joined Watt Carmichael in 2012 as Office Manager and Executive Assistant. She has extensive experience in these...

Executive Assistant

Julie began her career in the investment industry when she joined Watt Carmichael in Nov. 2007. She has 20+ years of...

Associate Investment Advisor

Donna joined Watt Carmichael Inc. in 2016 as an Associate Investment Advisor. She has a specialized Honours Degree in...

Office Manager

Emma joined Watt Carmichael as Office Manager in 2016 after graduating from McMaster University with an Honours Commerce...

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Is there a minimum amount required to invest?

We do not have a minimum required account balance. The size of the account may guide our investment recommendations, as certain securities do require a minimum purchase amount, but we work with a wide range of clients and can customize portfolios to suit most investors needs.


What types of accounts do you offer?

We offer the full spectrum of registered plan accounts such as Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) and Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) as well as non-registered accounts such as cash, margin, and options accounts.


How do we differ from the bank-owned brokerage firms and other large investment firms?

We do not have any in-house products to sell. Many large investment firms tend to guide their clients to their own investment products. If we advise the purchase of a security, it is because we think it is the right thing for your portfolio.

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